Water Paradise (1)

Water Paradise Resort—that’s the name of the place where I'd be staying for five days in Tagbilaran City, Bohol (for the LDP Congress of Compassion International, where I was invited as a resource speaker).

Before I got there, I imagined a place floating in water, water, water. Mental note, pack swimsuit.

But between packing my notes, flash drive, computer, clothes for various sessions, camera, chargers—plus other tiny details one needed for a long trip—I totally forgot about my swimsuit.

I berated myself repeatedly for this omission—on the plane and on the bus which brought me to the resort.

I should not have bothered. What greeted me at the entrance was this water fountain, with no water!

When I asked where the water was, front desk pointed to this pool.

“Where’s the rest of the water?” I asked.

She waved to the water dispenser in the dining hall.

Around Water Paradise was land and paved roads. That is not to say I found grace wanting in Water Paradise. Grace, as always, came in full force.

There were beautiful flowers. Food was great and varied. The 65 college students—sponsored scholars of Compassion International —showed me how vibrant praise, worship, and thanksgiving should be. They were in awe, especially because it was their first time in Bohol. For most of them, this was also a first in plane travel. I couldn’t get over the excitement on their faces.

I kicked myself for being so critical.

My room is in the “mansion,” originally the home of the owners. It’s ten steps (right side) from this living room.

The air conditioning was brrrrr and the flat-screen TV had cable channels. I didn’t miss watching American Idol!

Water Paradise was a paradise in everything—but water. Well, names do not really matter, do they? Where's the dog in hotdog? Or the cat in catsup?


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