It’s Way Past My Bedtime

There’s nothing I look forward to more than meeting old friends—those who figured largely in my past; those who never made it easy for my brain in the workplace; those who encroached upon my comfort zone.

Challengers, I called them collectively.

They made working worth waking up for, and worth not sleeping off for.

In a retiree's placid life, which encourages you to do anything you want at your own pace and time, and which has reprogrammed your bedtime to a ridiculously early hour of the evening, you entertain yourself with thoughts of frenzy-crazy yesteryears—when every second counted and every word uttered had to have a rationale or you’d be niggled, either by your conscience or by the challengers. 

One get-together was planned to celebrate the birthday of one, in a place unheard of by my now un-hip, un-trendy ears, used to a quiet place away from the maddening crowd: Dillinger’s 1903.

Dillinger! Born 1903, he was a wild, dangerous criminal whose name evokes the Gangster Era in Midwest USA. A joint named after him must be some kind of a place. Oh, dear.


The place was dark, too dark, for someone whose eyesight has grown dim. But the food was excellent, even if you couldn't scrutinize it. And the company—it’s what I’ve always known: SUPER.

That one word, all caps, is an all-embracing superlative I couldn’t improve on.

Except for a few who couldn’t make it, the laughter, the wit, the banter, the reminiscences, the irreverence, the warmth, the friendship, despite disparate ages, was complete—all there.

The oldest in the group, not yet me, was repeating like a mantra, “I can’t see people’s faces.” And then there’s me.
Not drunk, just struggling to stay awake because it was way past my bedtime. Challenging it was, but the evening was not something I would have slept away for the world.

It was, in my blog parlance, SUPER grace.

My thought balloon, I’m game for the next one.

Photos by Baby

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Yay Padua-Olmedo said...

Haha! I would have had a migraine. But yes, we can be young, really young again, in the company of friends.