Sunny with a Chance of Rain

This weather forecast comes with a forewarning. 

I would often hear it in the spring when I was living in the US. Although the day would be sunny, there was no escaping the rainfall. So I’d grab an umbrella before heading off to school. 
Life isn’t like a weather forecast. It doesn’t forewarn. We bask in the rays of a glorious sun, then rain suddenly pours—anytime. Therefore, you aren’t prepared with an umbrella to keep you from getting soaked.

But life is exactly that—it is sunny with a chance of rain.

We’re finally home from the hospital where Tony was confined for five days due to a stroke. Looking back and reflecting on it, there was zero forewarning.

After leaving his office that day, doing errands along the way, he came home and asked the driver to go home as well. Then as soon as I was ready, he drove me to church for a prayer meeting.

Less than half an hour later, he called saying he was having signs of a stroke. The rain fell; end of our sunny day.

I know that in a world with free will, we make our own choices, and we can’t get around the fact that troubles come. However, God has a perfect will for us that includes all kinds of protection and grace—like umbrella from life’s rains.

Now in our own bed, Tony thought aloud, “My doctor's order of take-it-easy-for-another-five days is more of prevention. Even if everything seems fine, there’s a chance for another stroke.”

“Like a sunny day with a chance of rain,” I replied.

I recall what our pastor at the prayer meeting was saying before I received Tony’s fateful phone call. 

Pastor: “Anything we receive that takes us away from God is a curse. Inversely, anything we receive that draws us closer to Him is a blessing.”

Our hospital residence wasn’t exactly Shangrila-suite, but called a suite just the same, with functional amenities.

And to our surprise, after all discounts and privileges, our “staycation” cost no more than a family-size pizza!

God had been our Umbrella when it rained. And He will be, when (not if) it rains again.

"The LORD keeps you from all harm and watches over your life." Psalm 121:7 (NLT)

photo credit: vatuma.com

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