The Bright Side

Day and night. Light and darkness. There are two sides to everything.

But the dark side seems to be winning out lately. If you read the newspapers here and abroad, many of the articles are about the spilling of blood.

In the Philippines, after the election of a new president, who has waged an all-out war against drugs and who seems to have endorsed the killing of addicts and pushers, the statistics of drug-related deaths have gone up to 11 a day.

Social media is even worse. Through words and memes, people assassinate each other. On my news feed, the exchanges of brickbats outnumber the exchanges of birthday greetings. Anger and malice are tearing people apart. 

These are enough to make one’s day pitch black.

Thankfully, there are optimists around us—people who see grace clearly and therefore always look at the bright side. One of them is this website (link). It features photos that not only lift the spirit but give hope, warming the heart. I find this specially poignant:      

When we ache, we badly seek comfort. This little toddler, young as she is, shows us how to give it. A simple gesture of wiping tears away is like being ensconced in the palm of a loving God, the Source of all comforts. 

I wish we adults had her mindset—comfort-giving, instead of killing each other with words, images, bombs, and guns.


Yay Padua-Olmedo said...

I hope that little girl grows up with the same love and compassion as her tiny version. frankly, how do we teach them to not be desensitized by the world?

Grace D. Chong said...

That question, Yay, has been on my mind more and more as I listen to the woes of friends who have young children.

Vie Velasco said...

"Why do we kill each other without words? Why do we look at ourselves in the mirror and see ugly instead of valuable?"-Nick Vujicic, Overcoming Hopelessness

Grace D. Chong said...

Nick Vujicic is such an inspiring person, Vie. Thank you for the quote. I hope we learn to appreciate ourselves and others the way we are taught in scriptures.