Another Year, Another Book

Even before December hits us, Christians all over the world start looking for a devotional (book or pamphlet) which they can meditate on through the next year. I bought two, and received two more on Christmas.

I had hoped that my new devotional for children, SuperDevos, would make it to the bookstores at the end of November. It didn’t. Due to production glitches, the first small batch got off the press two days before Christmas.

Finally, here it is!

The back page blurb reads, “Do you have to fly, lift cars, and be invisible to be called super? Did you know that you can be super just by obeying your parents, loving God and reading SuperDevos?

“Each of these 365 illustrated devotion in SuperDevos features interesting facts and stories, thoughts about God and the Bible, memory verses and a prayer for every day.

“And just like taking vitamins that can help you grow healthy and strong, reading God’s word and praying every day will help your faith grow stronger!"

Grace sustained me while I wrote and re-wrote this book all of eight months, three years ago. Unfortunately, just when it was being put to bed, publication problems caused it to be shelved indefinitely. My editor, Beng, and I were devastated and sniffled on each other’s shoulder. I nursed a broken heart for months.

But everything happens in God’s own time. And SuperDevos' time has come. My super thanks to Beng, John Michael (book designer and illustrator), and all the hard-working people at OMF who have been involved in the publication of this children's devotional.

My prayer then, as now, is that many children will be energized by this book. I hope my own grandson in Michigan will.

I will send him the first copy I bought from the bookstore to start the year 2009. I hope his mom or dad will read it to him every day till he is able to read on his own.


Beng said...

Praise God for sustaining us---from the time you started writing the entries to the time it actually got published!

BTW, very cute apo! Someday, may he read all the books his cool Grandma has written. :)

Grace D. Chong said...

Hi, Beng!

It's all about grace indeed. Thanks for all the help on SuperDevos.

Misha said...

Hi ate Grace! Hope you don't mind that we linked to this entry over at OMF Lit's Facebook account :-) Thank you for sharing a behind-the-scenes look at SuperDevos. God is gracious indeed :-)


Grace D. Chong said...

Mind? I'd like to link up with all readers/writers the world over! Which is why I blog. Super thanks, Misha, for this super plug on Super Devos!