Peace like a River

(My internet connection has been dead for four days and I am steaming because I have a deadline to meet. Bad. I am trying to remember wonderful times of peace to keep my mind off the heat.) 

My mother used to sing “It Is Well with My Soul” while doing house chores.  I asked her once why she loved the hymn so much. She told me this story:


Listen to the Wind

If you want to hear God’s voice, listen to the wind . . . 

I hear it especially when I am hurting, when I need His grace of comfort. As I take my early morning walks and talk to Him, the breeze surrounds me. It is so refreshing it’s like being embraced by God.


Showing Your Love

My question in our adult Sunday School class was: "Knowing how much God loves you, how do you show your love for Him?"

The  silence stretched too long so I said, “You don’t have to answer the question now. As you ponder it at your own time, try to answer this follow-up question. On a scale of one to 10, how would you rate the way you show your love?”


Big Heart

Posts on FB by friends at noon today reminded me it is Valentine’s Day. Not one in my family remembered, not even my one and only, not even Ate Vi (who usually remembers days such as Piolo’s birthday)—not even, or specially, me. 

Today is my self-imposed deadline for my new book, a devotional for the workplace, which took all of my waking (and sleeping) hours in the last few months. And so, on d-day, I had been working furiously from 4 AM on my last two entries that, ironically, took much, much longer to write than any of the 363 others.


Car Stickers

Stuck in traffic, we were behind a van with this sticker:  
A blaring ambulance had to get through so all the vehicles retreated to the sides to give it space. The van with the sticker immediately tailed the speeding ambulance and freed itself conveniently from the traffic snarl. 


The Piranha Theory

The story is told that a man wanted to cross a river where a piranha lived. (A piranha is a ferocious killer fish with sharp teeth and thirsts for blood.)
The man threw raw meat to the river for the piranha to feast on. After the fish had its fill, the man crossed the river safe and unharmed. 


Lovers of Self

Netizens are familiar with the word selfie, a photograph that one has taken of oneself with his own smartphone or webcam and uploaded to social media. 


Happy New Year Again!

I greeted you on January 1. But being married to someone of Chinese descent, let me greet you again: Gong Xi Fa Cai (Mandarin)!

Chinese New Year begins on January 31, 2014 this year.