Gifts of Grace and Hope

Christmas 2011

Have you ever heard a conversation as strange as this before?

Husband (to wife): I still haven't bought you a gift.

Wife: I still haven't bought you a gift either. 


Husband: What if—

Wife (finishing her husband's sentence):—you don't give me any, then I need not give you one. 

Husband (smiling): Deal.

Wife: Deal.

That conversation isn't strange, it's true. It was between Tony and me a week ago. And opening no gift from him and laughing about it now, I come across this FB entry of my friend Sito.

Question: Did you get everything you want this Christmas?

Answer: No. But then it is not my birthday. Did you give the celebrant what He wants this Christmas?


No matter how hard we try to remind ourselves that Christmas is not about us, we lapse. Let me write this on a Post-it: Christmas is about the birth of a Savior, who left His heavenly riches to become poor because of His love for us.  

This holy birth is what the world celebrates on December 25. And this was how the members of my small family—those of us who were able to be physically together at this time—celebrated it:
(Our 6.2-kilo turkey came out nice and brown this year, and tasted just as good.)
(It took a day and a half for Ate Vi and JR to prepare this special bird.)
(Hats off, or on, to the chef!)
(Top right photo: Ate Vi receives her gifts from each member of her second family.)
(Photo op with the dining table centerpiece.)
(Tee from Vietnam and Prince Valiant Collection 4)
We remembered, and continue to remember that all the trimmings that come with Christmas every year are a celebration of the gifts of grace and hope to have eternal joy with the Word—who became Flesh on a glorious Christmas day—after our life on earth shall have ended.


Yay Padua-Olmedo said...

One happy family! That's all that matters after all the food has been consumed and the trimmings brought down. Your turkey really looks Grace! May I taste the left-over? Looking forward to it, hehe!

Grace D. Chong said...

The turkey made it to four meals. It's totally gone, up to the last morsel. We'll bake you one myself. LOL