Free Taste Test

If you are cheap, as I am, you don't have to spend for lunch on grocery day.

In the supermarket where we shop every Sunday, there are all kinds of free taste tests.

Upon entering the main lobby/front aisle of the supermarket, you see a generous spread of food and beverages from wall to wall—at a glance.

Like grace, they're free and yours for the taking!

New brand or brand extension of spaghetti, pork leg, pickles, Snickers, fruit-flavored ice-tea, coffee, hotdog, ham, cheese, popcorn, cookies, sardines, corned beef, fruit cocktail, juices, etc. etc. come  in little cups or bite sizes:

I try them all.

Before you know it, you're burping and brimming with an amalgam of food having a spirited summit in your stomach.   

“Where would you like to have lunch?” Tony asks.

“Nowhere. That was lunch!” 

The only downside to this is, you end up buying a piece of everything that perked up your palate.

In my case, it's practically everything since we go to the supermarket after 12 noon, way past an early breakfast—on a growling tummy.

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