Guessing Game

Three young women in the campsite office, where I dropped by to request for supplies for our cottage, met me with warm smiles. “Are you Ms. Grace Chong?” they asked. 

Wow, you know who your guests are, I thought, delighted. Our group of 200 had about 10 speakers, including me.

“Are you a doctor?”

“No,” I replied, glad I wasn't mistaken for a patient.

“A pastor?” one guessed.

“No.” Maybe I look a little holy.

“A lawyer?”

“No.” Maybe I have some of Cuevas' chutzpah.


“Well, partly . . .” I replied.

“And mostly . . .?” another pushed.

“An author.”

“Ooooh,” a chorus.

At this point I was sure one of them would say, “Yes, I've read one of your books!” 

Instead, one asked, “What does an author like you do?”

My bubble burst.

When I came to, I rationalized that this campsite is at the end of the earth, a valley ensconced between mountains, and bookstores are miles away.

I scribbled my website on a sheet of paper and said, “If you have time, please visit this url and you'll find what I do." And I stressed before walking away, "Only if you find time."

“May we invite you to be a speaker in the staff camp we are planning for next month?” they called out.

Without knowing what I do? “I suggest you visit my blog first before you decide!” I beamed. 

“But she said she is a part-time teacher, didn't she?" they might have asked each other.  

People know exactly what doctors, pastors, lawyers, and teachers do. But an author?



Ryan Rotor said...

awww. it's okay Ms. G. Maybe you were destined to show them the wonders of being an author as our God is one good author Himself. =D

Grace D. Chong said...

But without readers, authors lose their reason for being. Hope to see you soon, Rye!

Yay Padua-Olmedo said...

Haha, asa ka pa! That's how incognito an author becomes. Your message, however, lives forever. Cheers to authors!

Grace D. Chong said...

Cheers to fruitcakes!