Standard of Giving

Frequently asked questions on tithing and rarely given answers: 

Q: Do you tithe?

A: Yes.

Q: Where does it say in the New Testament that we should tithe?

A: Nothing is said about tithing in the New Testament, but I tithe anyway.

Q: Why tithe?

A: Because by tithing, I am putting God first in my life, before my wants and finances.

Q: But that's a full 10%! Isn't that a bit much to take away from your budget?

A: You have a full 90% left. Isn't that a whole lot bigger than 10%?

Q: Are you for real? You're weird.

A: So be it. According to Craig Groeschel, a pastor and Christian author, “Tithing forces us to have faith, and we get to be faithful in our giving.” I agree 100%.


In an ideal setting, the answers above should be every Christian's. But this is a flawed world where media and advertising define the good life—an imperfect earth where our wants and finances dictate our status in society.

So we end up giving God crumbs—the leftovers, after we have bought our second car, or refurbished our dwelling place, or traveled abroad for a vacation, or bought the latest techno gizmo, or eaten at the newest restaurant, or worn the most fashionable clothes, or thrown a big party to celebrate a milestone, etc.  

The answers to the FAQs may be too steep a standard of giving, and could mean lowering our standard of living.

But if we look at them closely and into our hearts, they can be worked out. Especially when we acknowledge God's grace, which is offered to everyone in globs and gobs every day, as something  greater than everything we can ever earn or hope to hoard in our lifetime.  

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Yay Padua-Olmedo said...

Pastor Paul reminds us often, " God doesn't want to take away something from you, but to give to you!" When we sow, we can harvest.

Grace D. Chong said...

Tithing is a breeze when you look at what you have and see you have been well taken care of.