I Am an Apple

My latest book, which will be in bookstores soon, was inspired by a little girl (daughter of two dear friends, at whose wedding I stood as a sponsor), who is as pretty as she is smart.

When little Therese accidentally learned she was adopted, she was naturally distraught. Her young mind couldn't process the complex thought. Her adoptive parents, who dote on her, did all they could to make her understand—taking her on a special holiday to discuss and spend all the time to make the thought clearer. She finally did accept what was (understanding came along, albeit a little slower), but not after a period of confusion.

In the early days, little Therese would call herself an “apple.” It was her creative way of calling herself “a” for apple, instead of “a” for adopted.

As her mom told me this story, my heart broke into smithereens, but I was awed by the little girl's courage and way of seeing who she is and how she is loved.

While writing this story, I wanted to add a prologue that details how the idea was born. But Therese's mom, at that time, told me that her daughter was not ready to read about her adoption in print.

The manuscript turned out to be grace delivered at my writing door that year. It won 3rd place in the Palanca Awards, “the country's most prestigious and longest-running literary contest.”   

And now it is a book (art by Lou Pineda) for the world to read.

It is a love story sparked by little Therese, but whose name doesn't appear in the book. It is my prayer that other adoptive parents and children may draw strength from I am an Apple.*

*published by Lampara Books


Yay Padua-Olmedo said...

Finally! Another grace book! Looking forward to it.

Grace D. Chong said...

I've been to several bookstores, but it isn't available yet. Hope to get one soon. Yes, it is a purely grace book--based on a real love story reminiscent of Moses'. Thanks, Yay.

The Dragon Scribe said...

A complex, sensitive issue made light, understandable and digestible- the magic that is THE Grace Chong. Lucky is Therese because God loved her so much, He handpicked great loving parents who will look after her until she fulfills her mission as God's daughter. All it took to fill an empty space in a basket of love is one tiny little apple. =)

Grace D. Chong said...

She is a wonderful girl, Therese. And so are her parents. God meant them to be a family.