Conversations at the Book Fair 2013

The 2013 MIBF is in full swing. And all my days are packed with punishing schedules and energizing joy.

I haven't had time to shop, but let me post some of the things that made me roll on the floor laughing.

Three 6-year-old kids hovered around just smiling at me, saying nothing. Then one of them probably wanted to break the quiet conversation and whispered in my ear.

Kid: I am almost finished with my book.

Me: Say that again, please? (I whispered back, making sure I heard right.)

Kid: I am writing a book. It's a very good one and I am almost done.

Her friend: What did you tell Grace D. Chong?

Kid: Nothing.

Me: It's a secret she can't tell you yet.

More smiles all around.


A little girl runs to me followed by her parents.

Little girl: Hello, Grace D. Chong!

Me: Hi! What's your name?

Little girl: You forgot my name?! she gasped, with matching big incredulous eyes.

Her mom: Honey, she saw you last Book Fair. That was a year ago.

Little girl (to me): You don't know my name?!  She wouldn't let me off the hook. I offered my little notebook where I request people to write the name they'd like written on the books I sign.  

Me: Here, honey, write your name, I might misspell it.

Little Girl: You can't spell my name?!

Me: Well, I sometimes make mistakes.

Little girl (writing on my notebook): It's B-E-R-N-I-C-E!

Me: Oh, yes, Bernice! Of course!

Little girl: What's my mom's name?

Oh, dear.

These are some of the grace thrown my way at the Book Fair. I wouldn't trade them for any conversation in the world.

More Book Fair posts as soon as it is over this Sunday. Meanwhile, I have to run.

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