Adrian Island

I am still on an island faraway, and won't be back to earth till after Sunday, when the magic of our lives heads home to Pittsburgh.  

My island is indefinable by words and is somewhere out there, inaccessible by land, air or sea. It's inhabited by all kinds of creatures that kids love and play with in their daydreams, the world that children's storybooks are made of. 
But Adrian staked his claim on an island as real as he can touch and lie on it, and spend hours swimming around it. We named it Adrian Island and we have photographs to seal the deed of ownership. 

When I come back to grown-up world, here, I will write about the place where we found it.

Meanwhile, I continue to bask in the bright rays of grace—which will leave me properly and beautifully tanned when I come back home.

See you then, cyber friends! 

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