Quiet Time in a Noisy World

Is it possible to have silence in this noisy world? Extremely difficult. 

I just wrote a book about the din that drowns out our attention. Things are happening all at the same time, many of them are in the Net, all just a touch away.  Then there are scenes around us that mimic behaviors in other countries.

Kids talk back to their parents; teens flaunt their affection (some people say, lust) in public; spouses live in separate homes, with his, hers, and ours children; cults, witchcraft, superstitions, social media, self-entitlement, and focus on me, me, me are trends; etc.  

How can one stay silent?

This was why I was invited to a church one Sunday to talk to tweens and millennials about the importance of a quiet time or devotion every day. I’ve written a few devotional books for both age groups so the organizers of the church’s book fair might have thought that the topic is close to my heart.

It is. 

But I was still surprised that in both sessions, almost all of my audience raised their hands when I asked, “Who among you have a daily quiet time?”

They even defined “devotion” thus: a special time away from everything and being singularly focused on the Lord, praising Him, thanking Him, talking to Him, and listening to His soft, still voice. 

In both sessions, although I did most of the talking, I was the student and my listeners were my teachers. They taught me that shutting out a noisy world is a cinch. My net take-away: all one has to do is pray for the Holy Spirit to turn your ear to mute and listen with your heart.  

(Children and tweens)
Many of them use my devotionals (that, too, was a surprise) as a tool that keeps them focused on one nugget of life or one facet of God’s love that can only come through grace.

The skies were dark; the electricity went off. Typhoon Lando was pummeling at Metro Manila, but the kids and millennials (Sunday School habitué) with whom the Lord connected me that Sunday, were sunshine that illumined my mind:

Quiet time in this noisy world is not, and should not be a problem.

“And after the earthquake there was a fire, but the LORD was not in the fire. And after the fire there was the sound of a gentle whisper." 1 Kings 19:12 (NLT)


Vie Velasco said...

Your advice will forever be etched in my heart "Listen to the wind. God's voice is there." Before my chemo treatments, I sat under the bamboo tree and heard God through the strong wind He sent. Then the chirping of birds and the beautiful sounds of the bamboo leaves made me realize the big mountain that i was to face. Looking back (after surviving chemo which ended july 2, 2013) i sat again under my sanctuary -- my favorite bamboo tree, amidst the noise of my surroundings (the tree is located near the Kinder area) & this time as God sent His wind i could almost hear Him say," Peace, be still. The best is yet to come!" Yes, there is serenity in this day and age of noise. And yes, i, too, have been guilty of not being present despite the fact that i am a baby buster and not a millenial. Thank you for intertwining God's Word in between your researches and interviews. He alone is our Hope. Loving the book 'Present'. I could almost taste and smell the pizza! Keep writing, Ms Grace!

Vie Velasco said...

Erratum: July 2, 2014

Grace D. Chong said...

Dear Vie,

It is indeed refreshing to just sit still and just listen to the wind. Wow, thank you so much for reading and "loving" PRESENT! I sent your comment to the publication team of OMF and they said they are encouraged greatly. May you be blessed in all the things you do.

Vie Velasco said...

Wow! Thank you for taking time and attention to my long comment. Haha! Congratulations to you and OMF! God bless your endeavor!