Painting on a White Board

Our Medical Transcription School has this huge white board which looks impressive if it faces you. But the minute you turn it around, the back part shows uneven wood that is so ugly it should always face the wall.

Unfortunately, this white board has to be moved around now and then and there is no way one can hide the back side.

So last Saturday, I decided to paint over the unsightly back expanse. I opted for one of God’s most beautiful creations, calla lily. But good intentions don’t always make good endings. This is the result of a four-hour painting session.

It isn’t finished, and it’s nowhere near a calla lily, but the white board looks infinitely better than how it was before I started slapping my paints over it.

Why am I so bold as to be posting an unfinished painting? Well, I guess I want to be affirmed that I still have the spirit (and the gall) to effect change; and more importantly, to be reminded that I have unfinished business, which I can finish only with the boost of grace.

I sometimes (okay, often) fall into the manana (tomorrow) habit. By having this not-yet-a-calla-lily here for all guests to see, I should be pressured into making it look like the way it was created—soon. And hopefully break my predisposition to procrastination.


Michelle said...

Just for the record I think your painting is amazing. I wish I could do that. It almost looks like a Georgia O'keefe. Great job!

Grace D. Chong said...

Your wonderful comment almost went to my head. For a while there, I thought I was a real artist! Ceorgia O'Keefe is one of artists I really respect but I can only afford her repros and calendars that feature her work. Thanks for the kind words--they encouraged me no end.

ggie said...

Nice! Mabel should see it, she loves calla lily art. I didn't have much time to surf lately. I was just thinking of sending you a file to change your header and now I see a new fern up there..nice! Did you take that picture?

Grace D. Chong said...

Hi, Ggie,

I finished the calla lily last Saturday. I don't know if I should upload it, there's not much difference from this one. Thanks for the thought . . . I just grabbed the fern from an 'image site' then played around with it in photoshop.

Mekhismom said...

That painting is gorgeous. What a beautiful way to improve the look of your board!

Grace D. Chong said...

Dear Mekhismom,

Thanks for dropping by and for the generous compliment on my unfinished painting. I promise to finish it before the month ends (crossing my fingers!).