Grand Launch

These two books, published by Church Strengthening Ministry (CSM), will be formally launched today at the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) at 6 PM. I am now clicking on my excitement button. Ooops, it's been on since yesterday, the opening of the MIBF.

They had been written for tweens (ages 8 to 12), that life stage when kids seem to think they are no longer kids, but still too young to be teens. These in-between years are critical times.

Their eyes open to new, exciting concepts they never saw before.  Their ears hear noises of interesting ideologies that are different from theirs. Their hands touch objects they never thought existed. Their noses smell the scent of scenes from the movies and broadcast media that are now bigger-than-life. Their whole person is challenged every minute by the wider, more colorful world they have moved into. 

While they are busy exploring new things, many of their parents are busy making a living. Study of the Word becomes the sole responsibility of the pastor or Sunday School teachers once a week.

These devotionals wish to partner with parents in those in-between days. May their tweens find time (only 1.5 to 2 minutes per devotion) every three to four days to be closer to God and understand His Word through little stories relevant to the young.

With BRB (Bible-Reading Buddies), we hope tween boys develop friendships among their peers so they could read the book together or compare notes apart.

With BFF (Best Friends Forever), we hope tween girls gain friends who share their treasured values and become closer to the best-ever Friend one could have, Jesus.

Writing devotions for tweens has always been a challenge for me—but during those times, grace comes to visit and, like a much-welcome house guest, stays until the last page of the book is written.

Thank you, Lord, for the privilege of writing for tweens. You are our Guest of Honor at the CSM Grand Launching later today. Amen.

On the first day of the book fair yesterday, the books were displayed at the CSM booth. Even before they could be formally launched, BRB and BFF made their way to the readers' shopping bags. I enjoyed signing all those books and picking from among the shoppers the winner of a surprise gift at that hour. 

(Photos  courtesy of CSM) 


jers said...

Will definitely get a copy of this asap. Salamat at may mga devo na na pambata at gawang-pinoy :) God bless Ms. Grace!

Vie Velasco said...

Ms. Grace! I missed you at the MIBF! CSM said you were there last Wednesday.I got a copy of BFF because I have three girls (a senior in college, a junior in high school and a grade 5). Only my youngest's age is within the range (8-12!). But all my girls love your books, including my husband who supports "Oh Mateo!" hehe Cheers! Praise God!

Anonymous said...

You guys did a great job spending your time to create this article! If I had to explain my emotions about your website in only one word ? it would be WOW! Thank you! P.S. Subscribed for updates!

Grace D. Chong said...

Hello Vie,

I was there yesterday at around... gee, I couldn't keep track of the time. ;D Stayed for an hour at the CSM booth but left because they had run out of BFF and the stocks were still in transit from the warehouse. Good problem! I will be there again today.

See you sometime soon.

Ryan Rotor said...

my excitement for saturday builds up!!! I need to bring a good amount of money for my book shopping. Ms. G, if you have any advice on how to oontrol spending too much in a book fair, it will be very helpful for me. hehe

Jaypee said...

Miss Grace, how do I thank you for the kindness and grace that you have extended to a fluffy jumping panda like me? thank you so much

Grace D. Chong said...

Hello, Ka Jers,

Yes, get some copies now before the Christmas rush! They're sold for only P100 each at CSM. Actual retail price is P150.

Grace D. Chong said...

Dear Ryan, I am the last person you should ask about over spending in a book fair. I was looking around for someone to tell me to go slow today. But everyone was busy shopping and carting as many books as they could in their maleta! (Yes, many shoppers came with maleta! LOL) Which reminds me, I need to bring one tomorrow.;D

Grace D. Chong said...

Jaypee, de nada! As I wrote on your FB wall, the pleasure was all mine. See you again soon.

Vie Lising-Velasco said...

Is it okay if we would be friends at FB? I sent a friend request ages ago. hehe

Grace D. Chong said...

Hello, Vie! By all means, let's be friends on FB! I don't remember receiving your friend request. Please send it again and I will accept ASAP. Thanks!

Elaine Dublin said...

...by the way... FYI lang po. My favorite Gift item to my children's friends are the Hello God series =) I believe that those children were touched reading the prayers :)