A Treasured Award

The excitement of winning an award always comes in two huge waves—like tsunami invasions.

First, you drown and can't immediately come up for air. That's when someone calls to tell you about the victory. I blogged about that one.

Second, just when you think you're treading and breathing normally again, the next giant wave comes: awards night. 

Gintong Aklat Awards recognized “Grace Found Me” (365 thoughts for busy women), published by OMF Literature, with a trophy for being one of two bests in the inspirational book category.
A publisher's award, it is given every two years; the next one will be in 2014.

As explained during the awarding, Gintong Aklat recipients are judged on the basis of every conceivable book angle—content (60%); and the rest of the 40%, design, layout, editing, readability, total look. Meaning, over-all quality in book publishing.  

There was a torrent of grace that evening. It drenched all the people involved in the publication of the book, which made the awards night all the more exciting!

We dressed up, we took photos, we laughed, we applauded, we gobbled up our dinner, we embraced the trophy, and hogged the night, like we owned it for eternity. And individually (before, during, and after these acts of joyfulness), we thanked and praised the Source of all awards.

If you don't believe my super-superlatives that left me breathless, maybe these photos will prove they are no hyperbole.

"Is this for real?!"
"I think I am hyper-ventilating . . ."
"It can't get any better than this!"
"Reality check: Lord, I am sorry. This isn't about me, nor about us. We're into literature for Your glory alone."
(Note: The other Gintong Aklat winner in the inspirational book category is Nelson Dy's "The Honeymoon Never Ends," also published by OMF Lit.)  

Photos by: Tony


The Dragon Scribe said...

Cool, awesome, fantastic, amazing... I'm running out of words... oops i forgot... hyper-ventilating! haha

Grace D. Chong said...

JP, you're kewl! ;D

Yay Padua-Olmedo said...

It's raining trophies and applause. Grace transforms the hyperventilating to praising. I praise Him for His abundant amazing grace in your life, Grace. What a testimony of how accollades must be lifted up to Him.

Grace D. Chong said...

Amazing, amazing grace, isn't it, Yay?

Abi Gabriel said...

Hi Ms. Grace! Congratulations! ^_^ Could you please give me some advice on writing children's books? I'm a frustrated writer and I just don't know where to start. Hehehe :)

Abi Gabriel said...

Hi Ms. Grace! Congrats po! ^^
Do you have an advice for frustrated writers like me? hehehe I want to write children's books (and illustrate, too). I just don't know where to start. =P

Abi Gabriel said...

Hi Ms. Grace! Congrats po! ^^
Do you have an advice for frustrated writers like me? Hehehe. I want to write (and illustrate) children's books, too! I just don't know how and where to start. =P

Grace D. Chong said...

Hello, Abi!

First off, thank you so much for visiting my site. If you leave me your email addy, then we could perhaps exchange notes better. Meanwhile, here is a blog I wrote sometime ago about my thoughts on creative writing. These 9 tips might start you off. Thanks again!


Abi Gabriel said...

Hi Ms. Grace! Sorry for flooding your comments box. My internet connection had hiccups yesterday. Hehe...
I just read your 9 tips and the thing that really striked me is this: "write now". =P I have my ideas but i realized that I don't actually find time to put it into paper. If ever I have my stories ready, can I share it with you? :) Here's my email ad po: jubei_kairu@yahoo.com.

Btw po, my sister and I love your O Mateo series. :) Thanks po!

Grace D. Chong said...

Yes, Abi, I'd love to read your stories! Thank you for making Mateo your and your sister's friend. Will email you.