City of White Water Rafting

Mention Cagayan de Oro (CDO) City to anyone who has been there and he'll say, white water rafting and river trekking!

Well, I've just come from CDO and the only water I saw was bottled and came free with my hotel room. Okay, I got a glimpse of the CDO river when we crossed a scenic bridge, but it was only for a few seconds, the time it took our taxi to zoom past it.

Nevertheless, in between meetings and short trips to town for meals that consisted of energy-giving food boasting of cholesterol galore and one book signing event (OMFLit Book Shop), I got a chance to take photos of the tricycle which looked so strange, compared to what what I see in Manila. They so fascinated me I stayed at a curb clicking away for a good ten minutes.  

CDO is the gateway to Northern Mindanao and described in its Website as a “City in bloom, in blossom, and in boom.”  I have been to many parts of Mindanao but never to CDO so I thought I'd wander through its suburbia and enjoy the bloom, blossom, and bloom, but our schedule permitted only the usual things busy business people do—airport to hotel to boardroom, then reverse the process—and before you know it, the trip is ended.

But it wasn't business that took me to CDO. It was all about the child advocacy ministry of Compassion International. I missed the sights and sounds of the white water, but I got to see and hear the sounds of hearts and souls, which beat for the King we serve, seated in His throne of grace.

I was with six kindred spirits in doing what we set out to do—raft and trek the depths of the Water of life—and for this, I will always praise God and remember CDO.


Yay Padua-Olmedo said...

Looks like you had a busy two days. Want to share more over coffee? Monday pm if you're not so busy.

Grace D. Chong said...

And busier week--book deadline is March 15. Wednesday PM?