The Kiram, Kristel, and Kris Brouhaha

Every Tom, Dick, and Harry has commented on the current hot issues involving Sultan Kiram of Sulu, Kristel, and Kris Aquino.
Some blame the Media for sensationalizing all three. Some blame the militants for agitating the student population. Some blame the politicians for taking advantage of the situations. Some blame President Aquino for not showing enough concern.

Some blame the government for everything, period. 

Accusing words have been hurled at many people and institutions. Whichever way you look at it, many innocent participants are bound to get fired, get killed, or get hurt. 

Shouldn't I say my piece? As a tax-paying citizen, I can't be a mute bystander, can I? I need to have an opinion on issues, the KKK among them. 

My piece has nothing to do with my own thoughts, but those of the Book I read and believe in. Let me cite Psalm 19:14 (ESV), “Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.”

I almost lost two dear friends by simply liking one negative post on FB alluded to them sometime ago. Apologies were in order. 

Planting seeds of doubt or simply commenting on debates one knows so little about reeks of irresponsibility. I don't know enough about Sabah and its legitimate claimants; I don't know enough about Kristel, her problems, and why she decided to take her own life; I don't know enough about the household of and relationship between Kris and her ex-husband James; I don't know enough about the three K's to even speak about them and add to the fray.

The media, militants, and politicians I cannot change. So whatever I read in periodicals I take with a grain of salt.

I am one with the silent majority of citizens who want nothing but a country where peace resides: among families, friends, schools, and even sultanates. By not saying anything directly for or against the three K's—that can easily fan more thoughtless remarks on networking sites—is probably one small way in building up, instead of tearing down.

Am I being self righteous? Or preachy? Again, I have no opinion on the matter.

“Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.”  Ephesians 4:29 (ESV)

Photo credits: Kiram, Kristel, Kris


Yay Padua-Olmedo said...

Word is cheap, and because it's cheap, we spout it out carelessly like cheap pearls. Zip da mouth!

Grace D. Chong said...

I read Lea Salonga's column about a similar topic and she said she simply ignores them because, "Anything personal is none of my business." Wise lady.