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Two things always make me uncomfortable: one, self-promotion; and, two, discussion about money.

“Which is why you will never be rich,” my sister Aie said. She’s one to talk; she is my clone in these departments.  Must be the genes. 

“I am rich,” I replied. “Not in material wealth, but in everything else. God provides all that I need.”

“Touche!” she exclaimed in Ilocano.

This conversation happened a long time ago, and Aie will probably not remember it, but it comes to me now because I discovered, accidentally, that I have an author’s page on amazon.com. My publisher sort of mentioned a few months back that my books are now available at Amazon, but I left it at that.

Three days ago, while I was trying to search for a book in Amazon, I spotted my name. Clueless and curious, I clicked on the link and bingo!     

“You worked in advertising for two decades, and you teach Advertising. You know that a product will only move if you advertise it. How do you expect your books to move?” my friend G admonished me.

I believe in marketing; in fact, I have discussed this with my publisher’s marketing staff ad nauseum. But there is something about overtly doing it myself to promote me that doesn’t sit well with my psyche.

For this Amazon thingy, I tried to conjure enough chutzpah (this took one long day and one long night) and uploaded my author’s page to my FB timeline, emailed it to friends and family, and broadcast it to my various circles.

That wasn't so hard, was it?

It was. But I was rewarded with many positive responses from all quarters. 

While at it, and a bit emboldened, may I add: if you are abroad and looking for a gift (e-book or paperback formats) that speaks of God’s abounding grace written by someone whose heart beats for and in the Philippines, here's the link:


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