Should Grandmas Blog?

No, I am not yet a grandma. Not officially anyway. 

But you might as well call me one now since my age is eons off the blog generation. Also, sometime soonfollowing the example of my younger granny friendsI should be one. My second of three sons has promised he would catapult me to that distinction. 
So why am I blogging? Have I gone nuts?

I am not young, I am not a techie, I loathe (maybe that word is a bit strong; let me change it to "dislike") what I read in some young people's blogs, I am very private (add very ho-hum), and I am already a published author.

Well, I listen to the young. Though I sometimes feel their perspective can be appalling (compared to those in ancient time when the women were ladies and the men, gentlemen), they often make sense.

My eldest and youngest sons pushed me into blogging.

"Blog is a web page." (Which I had planned on having.)

"You can write all you want." (Which I do anyway.) 

"You can comment on young people's blogs. (Which I like doing, verbally.) 

"You can openly advocate values." (Which I concentrate on in my children's books.)

"You can publish on-line your unpublished books." (Which I dream of, night and day.)

"You can get immediate feedback on the manuscripts you're iffy about." (Which I saddle them with.)

"You will have more readers of your books because blogs are international." (Which I thought incredible since I live in a republic where people consider reading as non-essential.)

"All that for

The last argument did it. A true-blue Ilocana, I am a sucker for sales promotions.

Ta-da, a grandma blogger! 

(First grandson's first photo)
Ooops. One nagging fear: my baby-boomer friends can't text and they have no emails. Or if they do, they ask their children or their secretary to open it for them—once a month, at most. Who will read me?

At best, my husband will, out of love professed on wedding day.

At worst, eldest and youngest son will, if only to prove that their idea of a blog will work even for grandmas.


noemi said...

I know a few grandmas who blog. even those in their 60's. Congrats for starting one. Blogging opened doors to my advocy which is grief support group in the Philippines. Maybe you might want to join our Pinoy moms network at http://pinoymomsnetwork.com. The young moms can surely learn from your wisdom.

Grace D. Chong said...

Dear Noemi,

I visited your website and found it very encouraging to moms. Congratulations! I also just realized I misspelled your name in my response your comment in my post, "Adrian." Sorry about that. Thanks for the visit!

Jodie said...

Grannies should absolutely blog. I'm glad you started blogging. By the time you are a grannie you will be a seasoned blogger. I'm 52 and also just started blogging. I'm so knew, I still loose half of my comments daily. Socializing on the web was not something I ever considered until I decided to start transitioning to a homebased business. I have such a blast now. Even thought I work in a computer related industry I don't know anyone who blogs. I'll have to start asking around. All the best to you.

Grace D. Chong said...

Hi, Jodie,

I have actually become a grandmother while blogging! As I continue with my writing, I also make time for my blog. Blogging is a most beautiful distraction from the mundane things that happen around us. Thanks for the visit! Keep blogging!

dreamwalker said...

My mom has been a grandma for 3 years and she just started blogging a couple of weeks ago. As my sister and I are avid bloggers, we are very excited about her new endeavor. We are hoping that it will do her a lot of good. Here's her baby blog: http://omamarina.wordpress.com/.

Grace D. Chong said...

Thank you for linking me to your mom's blog. I just visited the site and enjoyed myself. I am sure she will be thrilled no end (like I am) pouring down her thoughts in blogosphere. It was nice of you and your sister to push her into blogging.

Yay Padua-Olmedo said...

No regrets, am sure! I wonder how many more blogs will come out of this site. What I know is, I'm blogging because you encouraged me. Thanks, Grace.

Grace D. Chong said...

Depending on when He comes again or when He takes me home, whichever comes first, there will be one blog every four days. Keep blogging, too, Yay. Thanks.