Lady in Pink

If you’ve visited my site a few times before now, you know something’s amiss. My colors are different. Gone are the hues of fall that I am most partial to.

I’m all pink! Even my blog title is set on pink leaves.

Have I turned into a pink fan? Not really. Although I like pink on occasion, it was never in my mind to have a pink website. So why am I pink?

I am trying to put myself in my friend Sylvia’s pink shoes. She is a pink lady—from head to toe, every day of her life. Although I have always seen her in pink (all shades, tints, and hues), I didn’t know how much she was into it till last week!

We were having dinner prior to a rehearsal of a dance number we were to perform for a big Rotary bash, and we showed each other’s cell phone photos.

A lot of her photos were of her latest tour abroad. When I saw her luggage and balikbayan boxes, I cried, “Your suitcases and balikbayan box covers are in pink! Everything about you is pink!” What an accurate observation. Duh.

“Why, what colors should I be in?” she asked, surprised I even asked.

“I thought you simply liked to wear pink! I didn’t know you really love pink!”

She opened her bag (in three shades of pink) and showed me her make-up case, coin purse, wallet, and cell phone pouch. Guess what their color was? You can name it in one note.

“Why do you like pink so much?” This I needed to know.

She gave me a look that asked, “Why is the sky blue?”

“When did this, this love affair with pink start?”

“A long, long time ago,” she replied. “I used to wear all colors, too. But they never felt right. Whenever I wore pink, I felt really comfortable, I was me. So I started wearing pink and stopped wearing all other colors.”

It makes sense.

“It must be your favorite color,” I remarked. Duh.

Then she told me anecdotes about how pink always saved her day. In one of her travels to Europe, fellow passengers were apprehensive about the extremely strict and serious immigration officers in their port of entry. And surely they were.

But when Sylvia got to them with her all-pink outfit and luggage, they broke into big smiles and chorused, “Hey, lady, pink must be your favorite color!”

As Sylvia and I went on with our colorful chat, I remembered a book I read sometime ago, but which I didn’t believe, on the dynamics of colors. In one of the chapters, it talked about how the pink color evokes peace—it can calm down the hottest of tempers. An experiment was conducted in one prison cell. The walls were painted pink and the most rowdy and warring criminals were put inside the room. Within eight hours, their behavior changed and they calmed down.

Now where did I keep that book? I have to read it again in the context of Sylvia's penchant for pink.

That’s why I decided to experiment, until my next post, with the color pink myself. Aside from it being a tribute to Sylvia, I want to see what sort of mood it will give me. Does this pink site—titled Leaves of Grace—make me feel, uh, right? Does pink jibe with the concept for which this blogsite was created?

Mired in the complications of daily living, truth to tell, we all need our comfort zones: jobs, or friends, or places, or things, or colors. I can rattle off a few of mine and I am sure you can, too. Must I be surprised about Sylvia's pink?

In one of my books, “God’s Favorite Color,” I asked my young readers what God’s favorite color might be. Is it blue? He made the sky, ocean, and some kids’ eyes blue. In the same breath, He made our tongues, and some pigs and kittens pink. Is it pink?

How awesome that He made rainbows, too. The book ends with:

All the colors, even those without a name,
God gave them all, their beauty all the same.

They come together in a lovely rainbow,
That wonderful arch we’ve come to know.

Yes, all the colors, even those without a name,
God gave them all, their beauty all the same.

His grace does come in all colors. In Sylvia’s case, it comes in pink.


Anonymous said...

Pink is my favorite color too! It makes me look and feel very feminine. =) It's also very soothing to the eyes. I like the color green on your blog, Ms. Grace. It suits the blog title and it's calming to the eyes. Very refreshing.

Grace D. Chong said...

Hi, Marj,

Colors do wonders to one's moods. No wonder each person has his preference. I will live with pink for three more days and then it will go. I am really more comfortable in green.

Heard you're coming home soon. Enjoy Chicago while you can!

Harry Blalock said...

Hi, thanks for your compliment on my blog through linkreferral. I'm fairly new at it, but enjoy putting my dive pics up there and telling a few stories. I decided to look yours up and have really enjoyed it. Thanks.


Gypsy said...

Speaking of pink luggage..I bought a handluggage in pink--against the very core of my being-since they didnt have any other color on stock...my friends have not let me off the hook for this...sigh! But your site looks good in pink! Just not on me...hehe.

Grace D. Chong said...

Hi, Harry,

Thanks for visiting my site. I did enjoy yours -- you take great underwater photos and you are good at storytellling too. You make your reader feel llike she's there.

Grace D. Chong said...

Hi, Gypsy,

Pink luggage? You should see my computer case! It was given to me by a friend who, when she saw the hot pink number said, "I have to buy this for Grace!"

I will soon go back to green. Nothing against pink but it just isn't me.

Thanks for the visit!

Anonymous said...

I once watched a special segment on TV here in the US (don't know if it's GMA or ABS-CBN) about "pink" and how some painted their hotel/buildings pink, and also schools, and they also featured a family who's into pink. They said it definitely brings out a calm, peaceful atmosphere. Very interesting...

Grace D. Chong said...

Hi, Chen!

Yes, pink is such an interesting color. "It's sugar and spice and everything nice." But your favorite, if I am not mistaken, is purple or lilac, right?

Warm hugs to you and Bondi.

Ninang grace

Anonymous said...

Yep! I'm not much of a pink fan. But honestly, that color is more of Karen's favorite than mine. I stole the idea from her. Hehehe. Mine is a collection of colors, one moment I like green more, then at times it's blue, sometimes it's orange, but we decided to settle on lilac and silver.

By the way, we had our 2nd u/s today and it grew more than twice its size than 5 days ago. We saw the heartbeat again too. The doctor had good things to say. Thank you for your prayers.

Chen & Bondi