MY DSL: A Blogger's Bane

Many timesmany, many timesI have tried writing a new post. But My DSL makes it impossible. Before I could save it, or shoot it out, pffft goes My DSL again.

Despite complaints many, many complaintsto the PLDT Customer Service, nothing is being done. They write good excuse letters, but letters don't get you connected to the outside world. All told, I probably get only a total of two hours of internet time in one day. And to think that I pay for 24/7 service! It's been this way for the past three weeks and it gets worse everyday!

What gives?

There is a breach of contract somewhere here. I signed up for My DSL but am getting, instead, invisible service.

Is there anyone out there who can help me? I want to write more but My DSL light is blinking again. I better publish this before My DSL conks out on me!


Socky said...

Hi, Grace. I can only offer two possible explanations to your dsl woes:
1) Remember the recent earthquake in taiwan that damaged fiberoptic cables and caused massive disruption of internet? I was told by Eastern Telecom, our office provider, that there was a similar occurence recently and that most providers were affected, including PLDT. While repairs are being done and new connections are being worked out, expect superslow dsl to last a few more days.

2. If your phone cables are frayed or damaged, your internet connection will naturally be problematic. This happened to me. My phone cable at home was as old as my house (circe 70's!). I had to rewire. When I did, my dsl functioned like nothing happened. Maybe you can ask the PLDT lineman to check your cable.

Good luck. I know how frustrating it gets.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Socky,

I am at the Adboard that's why I can at least see what's up in blogosphere. Thanks for the tips! I actually had an electrician check our cables and wiring. Nothing wrong there. PLDT has been making a lot of excuses, in reply to my emails of complaint. But still, no internet. I am desperate and seriously considering moving to Smart Bro.

Warm regards,

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about ur DSL woes, Ate Grace. I use BayanTel (now rebranded Bayan), and they offer a P500 rebate for *every day* their service is down. I've been secretly hoping to have a problem they can't easily fix so I could earn some money! Haha! But so far so good. Hope your connection gets sorted out soon. I'm sure ur blog readers miss your words...

p.s. glad u enjoyed ur time at the bookfair :)

Grace D. Chong said...

Hi, Aleks,

At this point, aything but My DSL! But Bayantel is not available in this part of the woods. And Smart Bro is experiencing birthing pains. I just need to keep writing to My DSL (that's where my blogging energy goes these days) until they do something about it.

Thanks for the photos!