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I sometimes meet people who so love writing, they think of nothing else. I know the feeling. Seventeen years ago, after leaving the workplace for good, I only had one thought: Write. There I was, jobless for the first time in years, and the only thing I ever wanted to do was write.

Now a published author for as long as my exit from the corporate world, I want to help writers, where I can, in being published. That's why I accept invitations to speak before writing enthusiasts in the hope of encouraging them to hasten their steps toward having a book ready for their intended readers.

The latest gathering of writers to where I got invited was Project Author—an ongoing advocacy of my friend, Ardy Roberto (a best-selling author, an award-winning entrepreneur, and sought-after motivational speaker). A few years back, he invited me to speak in one such gathering. The attendees then were business executives, some of whom already had manuscripts, but did not know how they could be published.

This time around, Project Author was billed: Ministry Edition (Writing to evangelize, equip, and inspire). “An exclusive, by invitation only, class for Christian leaders, influencers, workers, ministers, pastors who have a burden to write a book to spread the good news, equip the church, or inspire people to become closer to God,” wrote Ardy in his website. 

I had previous plans, but I felt this was top priority. So I made quick arrangements to be with faith brethren and once again, re-tell my author story.

“Being published was not on my horizon,” I began, “not while I was busy in the workplace. But I believe that the series of events [more like serendipity] that led me to where I am today was no accident.”

It was a spirited group of 35 people who never ran out of questions, even while we were running out of time.  

But the main message I wanted to leave them was, “Write. NOW. As in, right now! We can’t dilly-dally any longer. Tomorrow is no longer an option. By grace, you can.”

P.S. A few days later, Ardy blogged about my talk.     

The way he ended it warmed my heart: “By the way, remembering what Grace said to ‘just write,’ I wrote most of this blog post on my phone, using the WordPress app, while on the nice air conditioned point to point bus from Alabang to Greenbelt . . . Decided to write instead of watching the Warriors NBA game on my phone. That was the hardest part. The trip took half an hour. Just write, right?)   

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