Grand Book Tasting

Avid readers went gaga over the smorgasbord of book resources offered and served by CSM (Church Strengthening Ministry) Publishing all through the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) in September. The streamer around its booth screamed: Book Buffet!

To dovetail with this theme, the traditional grand book launching was dubbed Grand Book Tasting. The parallelism is seamless. Food nourishes the body; books nourish the soul.

When my kids were little, Tony and I made this policy statement, “We will scrimp on everything except on two things: food and books.”

They readily downed the dictum. Each time we went into a book store, they would each have a pile of books that made us dig deep into our pockets. Each time we ate out, they knew exactly what to have. When the prices of food and books spiraled, there was no way we could rescind the contract.

That’s how they grew up to be voracious readers—and eaters, too. Which was why my daughter-in-law, after becoming a part of the family, coined the term “Chong palate.”

But I digress.

The Grand Book Tasting at the MIBF was grand indeed. CSM Publishing launched more than 20 new book titles, my Grace under Pressure being one of them. The event gathered a crowd representing many churches—pastors, lay ministers, elders, Sunday school teachers, deacons, outreach volunteers, etc. It was a visual demonstration of the publishing house’s mission: To strengthen the Church, equip the saints, and reach mankind.

All the authors briefly introduced his/her book, after which the books were unveiled, prayed over, and offered to the Lord.

Introduction of "Grace under Pressure"

I echo the prayer of Joy, CSM Publishing’s editorial manager, at the Grand Launching: May these books (pored over for one whole year by authors, designers, editors, printers and the CSM Publishing staff) become vital resources in feeding and empowering the church and the saints to reach mankind.  

"Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him." Psalm 34:8

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