The Towering Feeling

I have just finished writing the first draft of my book, Gifts of Grace 3—all of 15 chapters, including an Author’s Note!

If I weren’t so exhausted, and looking like a dozen elephants trampled on me, this would be a wonderful Kodak (indulge me, the other more techno-advanced camera brands came way after my time) moment. But no matter how dark my eye bags and how stiff my fingers and how achy my joints are, I am actually experiencing euphoria.

Oh, the towering feeling!

I am not claiming credit for anything. If not for God’s enabling grace, I would never have had the strength and confidence to write. This will add to the many books on limitless grace written by many seasoned authors through thousands of years and being written by younger, braver authors today.

I want to celebrate.

Unfortunately, the euphoria in my heart is happening when everything is at a standstill. During Holy Week, in the Philippines, beginning on Thursday, every place fit for some kind of celebration is closed!

My husband suggests a quiet and restful day at the movies—on DVD in our bedroom.

“Your choice,” he says, going over the stack of DVDs he had been buying like they’d soon go out of style, but had not had time to watch.

“Something that could match my towering feeling,” I say, lying down on the choice seat of the bed.

Tony can be very literal. He plays “My Fair Lady” (the old version with Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn). And the moment the song “I have often walked” is sung, he joins in with the lyrics, “And oh, the towering feeling . . .”

I have, as the musicale sings, a towering feeling, even as the manuscript will still go through spit and polish, then on to improving it with my editors and book designer. But I am over the hump. In a month or two we should be able to put it to bed.

And already I am all revved up to write my next book. I have scheduled April 1 as the first day of writing my new, exciting assignment.


Gypsy said...

Hey Ate Grace, congrats--you deserve that towering feeling..grabe ka, another project kaagad soon after this last one? Wow!

Happy Easter, by the way! :)

Grace D. Chong said...

Hi, Gypsy,

Great to hear from you! Magkakasakit siguro ako pag hindi ako nagsusulat. Buti na lang may blog na life-saver. Hahahaha! Hope you're having fun.

JINGSINayOcampo said...

Ate Grace!
Congratulations! Be sure to post when the launch will be! I'm bringing Rio coz she missed the last one! :)

Grace D. Chong said...

Hi, Jing!

Yes, will post the launch date. As of now, I think it will be sometime in September during the International Book Fair--if all goes well. Hug Rio for me. See you soon.