How to be Happy

I just read about a 72-year-old study* that began all the way back in 1937, when 268 Harvard University sophomores were asked to participate in a study measuring “a formula—some mix of love, work, and adaptation—for a good life.”  In short, how to be happy.

Here are three lessons culled from that study:

1. Have a healthy outlet.

2. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

3. Happiness must be shared.

These three things are nothing new.

If at all, they validate what every Bible-reading person or Christian has known for over 200 years. 

No. 1: Jesus had repeatedly promised, "Pray unceasingly. I am listening. I am with you. Put your cares upon me and I will take care of you.”  He likewise said, "Pray for one another."

Over the years, I have dumped a lot of my personal garbage upon the members of my spiritual family in our small village church. They have been there through a succession of family illnesses and deaths. Just one text message and they are all there to stand by me and pray for me.

No. 2: Humility was what Jesus practiced all His short life on earth.  Despite being 100% God Who created the massive universe and everything in it, He walked with the downtrodden, was seen in the company of the scums of the earth. Except at the wedding in Cana, He was not seen in society functions that boosted one's ego.

No. 3: Share your happiness? Jesus shared everything He had, even His life.

Can grace be defined any further?

*Reported in the media for the first time by Atlantic Magazine, June 2009

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