On a Magazine Cover?!

Great news it was indeed! JB was featured on the cover of a medical magazine in Michigan, USA. His wife, Gianina, took his photo reading this magazine and sent it to us with the caption, “JB’s 15 seconds of fame.”

In truth, JB (upper left corner) shares the spotlight with 13 other doctors. “What is mysterious,” JB wrote, “is that there is no story inside the magazine about us at all. We are not even identified. I wonder why.”

Elementary, my dear Mr. Watson (I suspect young blog readers won’t remember Sherlock Holmes). America, smitten with reality shows, equality, and being politically correct (or careful not to offend viewers from various sectors of society), always features people representing different nationalities in mass media. Notice how group scenes in movies, TV shows and advertisements show Asians and other races together with Americans in one frame?

In this particular magazine cover, if you look closely, you’ll find both male and female doctors of varying ages: Indian, European, American-Indian, African-American, and of course, a young, good-looking Asian (indulge his mom). It’s a neat cover that is not prejudiced against age, gender, or race.

That is not to say that we aren’t proud of JB. I am posting his photo for all of you, my on-line family and friends—and the world—to see!


Anonymous said...

I, too was once a "victim". My picture was on the cover of a magazine (I was introducing a film during our annual Asian Film Festival) but, the actual article did not even mention my name! Hahaha! Gadong

Grace D. Chong said...

Hi, Gadong,

Hw wonderful to hear from you! At least you have a memento similar to JB's 15 minutes of fame.

M May

les said...

oh wow!!! :) he's the most good looking and youngest in the group! :) how cool is that?! =P

gigi didn't tell us... hmmm... hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, you're right. Couldn't agree more! JB's mom