The King and I

Each time I see JC or a skinhead on TV, I am reminded of the Broadway musicale: “The King and I.”
This dates me, I know. But there seems to be a mistaken notion among the young that being bald is a new thing. It isn’t.

Like his mother, JC has experimented with so many styles of haircut. Once upon a time he was very adventurous with his hair. But one day, he decided to go bald—and stuck with it.

If you think being bald is simple and hassle-free, think again. JC had to trek to the barber shop at least once a week and ran up a hefty tab every month.

I guess JC finally found wisdom in buying himself an electric shaver. He talked his dad into the task and today, week after week, father and son spend about half an hour in the terrace for this ritual.

In case you’ve read Robert Fulghum’s “Rituals of our Lives,” you’ll know that this simple shaving story has become one of my family’s own rituals.

It is both a “ceremony and a celebration” of grace.

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