Fairytale Wedding in December

Statistics show that December is the most popular month for weddings. I am an eyewitness to that. Aside from all the Christmas parties and reunions in December, I am invited to several weddings.

December is ideal for dress-up wedding rituals.  The weather is cool and breezy, quite romantic.  You and your make-up don't wilt and melt  as you don your dressiest frock and highest heels.  

One such wedding was that of a friend's son in a fairytale venue that looked and built more like a movie set than a lasting structure. Every angle was adorned for the lenses—gilded columns, vines intertwined,  art deco see-through ceiling, a singing brook under a rococo bridge, swatches after swathes of billowy cloth overhead, chariots and poodles, and greens.

Eclectic and photogenic, it had all the elements of romance thrown in. I think the designer wanted  to elicit this question from whoever is looking at the pictures, “Where and when was this?”  It's a place that could be anywhere but here and now.

The ride to everland
Trying on the ride for size

The dog in everland
Friends of the groom's parents
Because the motif was Christmas, I felt like I was surrounded by walking poinsettias—the entourage was in red.  And there were words of good wishes, laughter, tears of joy, and a vow to be together for better or for worse.
"For better or for worse” is a promise that not everybody can fulfill.  Which is why I pray that God's sustaining grace will always find this young couple—so happy and so in love—as they grow up and grow old together.

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